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Low solar activity link to cold UK winters - Euroopa kliima jaheneb
Low solar activity link to cold UK winters. Madal päikese aktiivsus- Euroopa kliima jaheneb. :2010-12-07: | Listing details |

Genetics and its problems, Wave Genetics Response
To create an organism, two genetic programs are required. The first one is geometric, i.e. a scheme, how to design the body. The second program is in the form of a meaningful text which contains instructions and explanations how to use the first program, :2012-08-03: | Listing details |

View earth from Satellite
To view the Earth as currently seen from a satellite in Earth orbit, choose the satellite from the list below and press the View Earth from Satellite button. :2011-11-04: | Listing details |

Earth Video Camera- UrtheCast, cameras on the International Space Station- streaming
UrtheCast is putting high definition cameras on the International Space Station and streaming footage directly to the web. :2011-11-04: | Listing details |

Toward a Real Cosmology in the 21st Century
Abstract: A real cosmology must be a broad and coherent natural philosophy. It may always be incomplete, based on our limitations, but to be valid there can be no exceptions in our experience. In particular, cosmology must address issues of life and the h :2011-10-30: | Listing details |

DNA Testing - Home Paternity Tests - Relationship DNA Testing - Eurofins Genetic Services
DNA testing services offered by Eurofins Genetic Services include the provision of paternity, maternity, siblingship and complex relationship tests. Sample analysis is carried out in Eurofins wholly owned UK laboratories and is overseen by a team of inter :2011-09-11: | Listing details |

Stones of Ireland - Stones of Ireland
A pleasant, easy-to-use tour of every significant ancient monument in Ireland :2011-07-24: | Listing details |

List of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. Potensiaalselt Ohtlikud Asteroidid
List of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. From the Harvard Minor Planet Center. :2011-06-24: | Listing details |

Science Central
Directory of Science- Science Central :2011-06-24: | Listing details |

Solar Dynamics Observatory - SDO
Researchers call it a Hubble for the sun. SDO is the most advanced solar observatory ever. :2011-06-24: | Listing details |

International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology
The International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology ISHPSSB brings together scholars from diverse disciplines, including the life sciences as well as history, philosophy, and social studies of science. :2011-06-22: | Listing details |

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Cente
Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications :2011-06-22: | Listing details |

Earthquake - U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program. Maavärinad
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards :2011-03-12: | Listing details |

INIMESE ja MAAILMA kahekõne - ehk Inimese ja looduse suhe sünergeetilises maailmamõistmises
INIMESE JA MAAILMA KAHEKÕNE - ehk Inimese ja looduse suhe sünergeetilises maailmamõistmises :2011-01-28: | Listing details |

DNA Molecules Can Teleport, Nobel Winner Says. DNA on võimeline teleporteeruma
In an experiment, a fragment of DNA appeared to imprint itself between test tubes. DNA on võimeline teleporteeruma. :2011-01-19: | Listing details |

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