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History of Cryptography- Cryptanalysis
A Brief History of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis, Early Cryptographic Systems, Cryptography During The Two World Wars, Cryptography In The Modern Age.
http://www.slideshare.net/kinleay/cryptography-its-history-application-and-beyond/ :2012-02-25: | Listing details |

Cryptography- Cipher
The word cryptography comes from the Greek words kryptos meaning hidden and graphein meaning writing. Cryptography is the study of hidden writing...
http://ethw.org/Cryptography :2012-02-25: | Listing details |

Das Alte Ägypten- Tehuti Research Foundation
Die T.R.F. ist kein Unternehmen zur Erwirtschaftung von Gewinnen, sondern eine Organisation, die mit dem Ziel gegründet wurde, Studien über das Alte Ägypten, so wie es wirklich war, in einer völlig neuen und möglichst geschichtstreuen Form zu förder
http://www.egypt-tehuti.org/deutsch/ :2012-02-05: | Listing details |

Aptera - The ancient city of Aptera
The ancient city of Aptera in Chania, Crete, Greece. Greco-Roman archaeology. Above the entrance to the great harbour of Souda, where Paleokastro stands today near the village of Megala Chorafia, the extensive ruins of the ancient
http://www.just-crete.co.uk/ :2011-09-29: | Listing details |

Archaeoastronomy - Archaeo-astronomy
Archaeoastronomy - Prehistoric astronomers. For a long time, the scientific establishment showed a resistance and even disregard to the idea of astronomy having been practiced in prehistory.
http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/astronomy.htm :2011-09-11: | Listing details |

Preachers of God’s word - Aims and methods of Dominican Friars’ preaching in medieval Baltic Sea region
Aims and methods of Dominican Friars’ preaching in medieval Baltic Sea region. In the early 1220s, brethren of a new religious order came from Paris and Bologna to the remote countries around the Baltic Sea.
https://www.directorie.eu/news-Preachers_of_Gods_word.php :2011-09-06: | Listing details |

HENRIKE BOLTE - The Nomination of Bishops in Livonia in the Late Middle Ages - HENRIKE BOLTE
The Nomination of Bishops in Livonia in the Late Middle Ages The specific political structure of late medieval Livonia is based on the coexistence of five ecclesiastical sovereigns, the Teutonic Order, the archbishop of Riga and the bishops of Oesel-Wiek
https://www.directorie.eu/news-HENRIKE_BOLTE_Nomination_of_Bishops_in_Livonia_in_the_Late_Middle_Ages.php :2011-09-05: | Listing details |

Keskaja suurlaevad – koge ja hulk - Poola merenduslik arheoloogia
Poola merenduslik arheoloogia Keskaja suurlaevad – koge ja hulk 1918-1939 – alates 6.-7. saj Läänemere lõunakaldal oleva slaavi asustuse, laevaehitustraditsiooni ja meresõidu uurimine.
https://www.directorie.eu/news-Keskaja_suurlaevad_koge_ja_hulk_Poola_merenduslik_arheoloogia.php :2011-09-05: | Listing details |

Kiviaja asulakohad ja veesõidukid - Saksamaa merenduslik arheoloogia
Kiviaja asulakohad ja veesõidukid 17. sajand – esimene teade sukeldumistest – dokument, mis käsitleb reegleid rootslaste sukeldumis- ja asjade kaldale toomise tegevusele Stralsundi linnaarhiivis.
https://www.directorie.eu/news-Kiviaja_asulakohad_ja_veesõidukid.php :2011-09-05: | Listing details |

Viikingilaevad - Taani merenduslik arheoloogia
Viikingilaevad 1863-64 Conrad Engelhardt – Nydami paadi leidmine ja väljakaevamine. Edela-Jüütimaalt Nydami soost, mis kunagi oli püha järv, koos hulga relvade ja muu sõjavarustusega leitud üks 3st puitpaadist.
https://www.directorie.eu/news-Viikingilaevad_Taani_merenduslik_arheoloogia.php :2011-09-05: | Listing details |

Rootsi merenduslik arheoloogia
Rootsi merenduslik arheoloogia Rootsi riigi hiilgeaja laevad ja etnotsentristlik uurimistöö
https://www.directorie.eu/news-Rootsi_merenduslik_arheoloogia.php :2011-09-04: | Listing details |

Merenduslik arheoloogia - Venemaa, Soome ja Ahvenamaa merenduslik arheoloogia
Venemaa, Soome ja Ahvenamaa merenduslik arheoloogia Merelahingud, arhiivide abil vrakkide otsimine, koostöö sportsukeldujatega
https://www.directorie.eu/news-Venemaa_Soome_Ahvenamaa_merenduslik_arheoloogia.php :2011-09-04: | Listing details |

Merendusliku arheoloogia tehniline arengulugu
Sukeldumise ajaloost ja tänapäevast
https://www.directorie.eu/news-Merendusliku_arheoloogia_tehniline_arengulugu.php :2011-09-04: | Listing details |

51 Highland Division - Official Online Museum
The Official 51 Highland Division Website and Online Museum - Read their detailed history and browse photographs, maps and personal accounts from those who fought with the 51HD.
http://51hd.co.uk/ :2011-07-24: | Listing details |

American Irish Historical Society
The American Irish Historical Society headquarters reopened March 16, 2008 after a two year restoration and renovation.
http://aihs.org/?s=Irish+Historical :2011-07-24: | Listing details |

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